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We ensure a realistic and natural smile, providing quality and durability against excessive wear, helping you to smile, talk and eat with confidence... and giving you your "tailor made smile!”

Richard, Director


Our Mission

Bespoke Denture Clinic provide a full range of services for the initial need and continuing care of you and your dentures. From a full set, to upper or lower single dentures, to a simple reline, soft reline, or adjustment to keep your dentures in perfect condition, our friendly staff and technicians at our state of the art centres can advise you fully on the best course of action for you.


Fully Qualified

Richard is one of only approx 150 Clinical Dental Technicians that are qualified and registered in the country. He commenced his studies in dental technology in Sheffield where he qualified as a Dental Technician in 1997. He went on to further his studies on the George Brown denturist course in Canada and achieved qualification and graduated as a Clinical Dental Technician. Richard has completed a four year training program and has many hours of intense training in the following fields - oral pathology, microbiology and infection control, orofacial anatomy, periodontology, radiographic recognition, prosthodontics theory and clinical practice. He also has obtained a Diploma in Clinical Dental Technology with the Royal College of Surgeons (Eng). Our technician and support staff have undergone rigourus training and regularly attend courses to offer you the latest techniques and to ensure that all dentures meet the stringent standards that you expect, and have come to rely upon.


Customer Care

Ensuring a realistic and natural smile whilst providing quality and durability against excessive wear.
Fully qualified and registered Clinical Dental Technician. New dentures made directly to the public. Our aim is to give you the appearance that you wish to achieve. Using the highest quality denture base materials & the most natural and characteristic teeth we aim to give you the fit and smile you desire.
Emergency Repairs! We understand the need for urgency in repairing your denture disaster, and in most cases we can repair dentures in one hour.

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